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For the Love of Leather

By April 19, 2019September 17th, 2020No Comments

Throughout the ages, leather has been a timeless statement of style. Its combination of durability and versatility across a multitude of applications makes it a material that will always be relevant.

The durability of leather makes it an ideal medium for upholstery that will endure the test of time. The inherent low maintenance, long lasting and sophisticated characteristics of leather will enhance any interior setting, whether you are seeking an aesthetic that is sleek, traditional or paired back and elegant.

With an endless range of hues and finishes to choose from, you can create a bold statement with colour, set the tone with paired back neutrals or add visual interest through texture.

The Leather Evolution

In today’s market, the options for leather are endless with a plethora of colour and finishes available. The use of modern tones is a dynamic way to use colour that is both striking and refined.

The natural finish of leather makes it the perfect medium to mix and match with other materials to create your own individual look. The best way to know what works for you is to experiment with a balance of colours and textures. Try pairing leather with linen, soft touch weaves or chunky throws, or bring out its natural character with stone, metals and wood.

Fabrics featured (top left): Haven PaprikaHaven Shell PinkAmalfi RosewaterLa Casa BurgundyLa Casa BisonPlateau PigletLa Casa BurgundyPlateau SaffronHaven Aubergine.

Source of inspirational images: BQ Design (featuring drape in Corfu Mist), Urban Outfitters

Thomas Maxwell leathers featured (left to right): London Club TrenchLa Casa DoveLa Casa SageLa Casa BrunswickLe Monde CadetLa Casa Burgundy.

Sophisticated & Natural

With leather being such a long lasting material, selecting a neutral colour is a great option to achieve a timeless look. Neutral shades of leather give you long term flexibility to update your space while keeping key leather pieces at the heart of your room. Your leather upholstery will take on a new feel and statement each time you change the textures and tones around it. Selecting earthier, natural hues for your key upholstery items will set the foundation for a sophisticated interior space.

Source of inspirational image: Thomas Maxwell Le Monde collection

Thomas Maxwell leathers featured (left to right): Le Monde PorcelainLa Casa StoneLondon Club CloveLondon Club BurrowLa Casa CharcoalLavelle Aubusson.

Loving Your Leather

The key to keeping your leathers looking their best, to maintain the timeless sophistication and longevity, is how you care for your items. Leathers innate low maintenance properties means it requires minimal care however nothing is damage proof. For the (inevitable) accidents, spills and scratches, we have put together a detailed leather care and cleaning guild to bring your items back to life, should they need a little extra love. You can view and download the guide by clicking here.

Our Warwick consultants are here to help you choose the right leather. With up to date knowledge, they can be a great resources for creating your new leather addition. To view our full Thomas Maxwell leather range click here.

We have a full range of leather cuttings available for you to sample, so you can start recreating your timeless space today.

Source of inspirational image: Thomas Maxwell La Casa