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Sofas to match 10 top style trends

By July 4, 2019September 17th, 2020No Comments

Need a sofa to suit your favourite decorating trend but not sure what the all-important design details are? 

We’ve rounded up 10 popular looks and provided some style pointers to jumpstart your sofa search. 

  1. Hamptons style: Classic shapes in natural colours and fabrics are the order of the day with this elegant coastal style. Think linens, timeless rolled-arm sofas and matching wing-backed chairs. The neutral colour and generous proportions are ideal against a classic Hamptons backdrop of white with soft blues and greys. Add soft throws and big cushions for napping.
  2. Scandinavian style: With their clean lines, unfussy detailing and neutral tones, Scandi-inspired sofas fuse form and function. They typically look long and low, as if they’re floating just off the ground. Tapered timber legs add to the effect. A Nordic-designed recliner is a perfect accompaniment to the perfect symmetry of a Scandi-style sofa.
  3. Industrial style: Reach for those steely greys, leathers and textured fabrics. Shapes have a utilitarian vibe, with no fuss or frills. Slim metal legs echo the industrial inspiration, which can be easily pepped up with bold colour in the form of a statement cushion or two. 
  4. Contemporary style: Modular sofas really come into the their own in a contemporary setting, often in neutral shades such as charcoal, stone and blue. Shapes are typically square, emphasised by soft leather or textured fabric in a solid colour. Pop-up headrests and swivel side tables enhance ultra-modern styling, while deep seat cushions mean there’s room for lounging about with the whole family.
  5. Beach-house style: Cue soft blues and sandy tones. And a stripe never goes amiss either in a coastal-style living room. Perfect for that post-surf snooze, the beach-house sofa is typically plump, relaxed and welcoming. And stacked with comfy cushions of course.  
  6. Palm Springs style: Bring some old-school glamour to your living room with plush fabrics in muted colours such as dusky blue and sage green. Look for simple, elegant shapes with slim legs and minimal detailing. Less is more when it comes to vintage Hollywood glamour.
  7. Eclectic style: Why not make a statement with a classic velvet sofa in inky blue or bottle green, or go for a minimalist shape teamed with a bold pattern or stripe that catches your eye? Anything goes with this fun style that often draws inspiration from several different eras. 
  8. Mid-Century Modern: Today’s ‘retro’ sofa designs take inspiration from the days when geometric patterns and moody, muddy colour were all the rage. The contemporary mid-century sofa embraces colours such as grey, light brown, olive green, teal-blue, burnt orange and mustard. Slender tapered legs keep the look light, while shapes are simple and streamlined. Classic button detailing brings added interest. 
  9. Modern Country: This is classic welcoming country style, but with a modern twist. While neutral tones and classic sofa shapes are a great match for this relaxed style, there’s always scope to mix it up with stripes, checks and a contemporary floral. Soft leather is always a winner. 
  10. Art deco style: Glamorous and opulent, this style calls for colour and lots of it, along with luxurious leather and rich fabrics such as velvet and silk. Shapes vary from shimmering slimline sofas with chrome legs, to the classic club lounge and chunky, curvaceous designs upholstered in exotic zebra-print.